T700 Engine Familiarization Course

Posted on June 24, 2013 by admin

This course is designed to enhance the Pilot or Crew Chief’s familiarity and understanding of the T700 series propulsion system and its operational characteristics. Topics include:

General engine information
System components description and location
System description
System principles of operation

Students will be provided the skills and knowledge to assist them in the performance of organizational level system maintenance.


CLASS SIZE: Optimum 8/Maximum 10

The training consists of 4 days of classroom instruction and 1 day on-aircraft familiarization (Access to unit owned aircraft required).

Overview/ Terminology
Basic Engine Data
T700 Engine Modules
Accessory Section Module and Components
Cold Section Module and Components
Hot Section Module and Components
Power Turbine Module and Components
Lubrication System
Fuel System
Anti Icing System
Ignition/Start System and Controls
Engine Control System
Engine Related Instruments